Bedding Laundry Services

We offer

a professional and reliable laundry service for all your bedding items. From silk sheets, blankets and bed covers even your duvet.

Everyone loves getting into a clean fresh bed and having your bed linen laundered will offer just that. Our laundry service offers you this luxury at very competitive prices.

All items will be inspected and washed with the gentlest detergents & softeners before being finished to our meticulous standards.

For reliable and efficient commercial laundry services in Rochdale and Heywood, call Iron-It on 01706 368 145.

Our team of experts

will launder, fold and pack your bed linen beautifully, ready for the next time you change your bed clothes.

Our fantastic bed linen laundry service saves you time and we can guarantee you the highest standard of service every time. The full service including cleaning and ironing, collection and delivery for only £15!

We are located in Rochdale but we have regular customers in:

Littleborough, Heywood, Norden, Bamford, Milnrow, Birtle, Newhey, Whitworth, Wardle etc….